Acne Zap 2

Description:  If you get occasional acne and need a daily cream to be used to reduce your breakouts – Acne Zap is the answer. You can use it in the morning or at day and be zit free. It will also help in balancing the skin oils. We recommend a patch test on arm prior to all new medication. We recommend discontinuing all medication if you are pregnant. Contact your physician and request for a change in plan if required.

Directions: Apply pea-sized quantity on affected areas.  In the first week wash off after 2 hours of application, in the second week increase time to 4 hours and from the third week you can keep on all night/day. Use sunblock daily in the morning.

Ingredients: 1.2% Clindamyic + 3.75% BPO

Volume: 30ml


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